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Previous Votes

Gosh and Wh(oa)

A small-scale washing machine that allows you to stay stain-free wherever you are!

Funded (75%)

Mighty Writey

The pen is mightier than the sword, but a biro won’t help you avert nuclear war!

Funded (100%)

Hand of Kit Kat

How about a regular 4 finger Kit Kat — but with an extra half length, double thick thumb?

Funded (75%)

Trip Hazard Protection

You've got rights. Don't let small children and their angry parents get you down. At Trip Hazard Protection we'll fight for you!

Not funded (67%)


"A machine that could make breakfast would make my mornings so much easier!"

Funded (100%)

The Paddington Peas

Down at the bottom of the concourse, by Boots and Sainsbury’s, are a lot of tired people. They’re the Paddington Peas.

Funded (67%)

Cleanie Crawlies

Don't be afraid! These spiders aren't here to terrify you, they're here to clean your house and soothe your soul.

Funded (60%)


Hands off my bagels, hands off my puppies—hipsters can protest, so can yuppies!

Funded (75%)

Pop-up Apocalypse Shelter

Looking for a more portable sheltering solution? You need the Pop-up Apocalypse Shelter from Grimes Industries.

Funded (88%)

Letters from the Internet

The Institute for Tactile Social Media brings you letters and loveliness from your digital world.

Funded (67%)


Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be gift wrapped and placed under the tree with our own.

Funded (100%)

The SongClip

Ever wanted your own personal soundtrack? Stick the SongClip on your trousers and have incidental music follow you around all day!

Funded (67%)

Awkward Turtle

Dinnertime conversation getting a bit heavy over the holidays? Keep an Awkward Turtle to hand and never discuss the big issues again.

Funded (80%)

The Shat-Nav

Let William ShatNav be the guide on your next road trip to the Klingon Homeworld.

Funded (78%)


Take the headache out of halloween with the Costume Recognition Automation Process Robot - or CRAP-BOT for short. Detect costume quality and administer treats or tricks accordingly, all with the help of this handy robot doorbell.

Funded (50%)

Live Action Pac-Man

Ever wished Pacman were a little more sociable… and 3D? Now you can play with your friends in a real life maze!

Not funded (64%)

Astley's Baps

Now you can see Rick on your Rolls every day. Buy now - before they run around and desert you!

Funded (100%)

The Ridiculympics

The year’s top sporting event for all that random stuff you wish you could win medals in.

Funded (75%)

At Home with the Camerons

Life isn’t always easy for David, who’s got to learn that he’s not in charge of everything any more.

Funded (67%)

Zombie Cluedo

This adaptation of a boardgame classic comes with an extra deadly twist. Can you identify the murderer before the victim turns and eats you alive?!

Funded (88%)

#SELFIE: The Video Game

You’ve heard the song, now play the game. Hashtag Selfie - for those who are tired of taking real selfies, now you can take them virtually too!

Funded (82%)

Family Flotilla

Got beef with your neighbours? Take to the Thames and resolve your quarrels in traditional British style—with a flotilla!

Funded (100%)

The Great British Boot Camp

A two week residential boot camp in the beautiful backdrop of rural Wales. Book your place for an immersive British experience.

Funded (100%)

Bantilocks and the Three Lads

What would it be like if classic fairy tales had been written in the modern age, to relate to the average LAD?

Not funded (60%)

The Crystal Mayors

A more straightforward way of deciding the next Mayor of London. START THE FANS PLEASE!

Funded (100%)

The Rickman Factor

The Rickman Factor is a game show. Contestants from across the United Kingdom compete in a series of rounds that test their physical and mental Alan-osity.

Not funded (100%)

Jammy Dodgers

One house. 16 hidden offshore accounts. Who gets convicted of tax evasion? You decide.

Funded (53%)

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